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World of Warcraft:Patch 8.2


Recently wow players were talking about all the things in World of Warcraft which have been frustrating in BfA and the comment “it should get better in 8.2” was made. It seems like many are looking forward to the next major patch to improve the game substantially. Of course, no one mentioned anything specific about the patch which they think will improve things, but there’s just this sense it’ll get better. Plus with 8.1.5 out and Crucible of Storms on the horizon, it seemed like an excellent point to recap some of the things which will have the biggest impact in the 8.2 Rise of Azshara patch.


One of the centerpieces of 8.2 is the new zone for both the Horde and Alliance to explore. With a new zone comes a whole new chapter in the main story of this expansion. We’ll get our first close-up look at what Queen Azshara has been up to over the years and what life is like for the people who are living under (or adjacent to) her rule. One of the best parts about this storyline is it won’t be gated, so players will be able to experience the whole thing at once or do it in little chunks as time allows them. It’ll be interesting how both the Horde and Alliance make the pivot from fighting each other to once again having a common enemy. It won’t be the first time we’ve done this, but so much has happened since the defeat of the Legion it’s hard to imagine how we’ll work together again.


With a new zone, there will also be new World Quests and undoubtedly new factions to earn rep with.



Ever since Blizzard started implementing ways to delay players from flying in every new expansion, it’s one of the things I always look forward to unlocking the most. Which is funny when you consider I’m a tank, so I never have to deal with getting stunned/dismounted when running past mobs anyway. However, for me flying offers a much easier way to get from point A to point B. I often find myself forgetting where the unmarked paths through mountain ranges are, and as a result, I spend more time than I like to admit just trying to traverse zones.

We don’t know what the exact requirements for ”Pathfinder, Part Two” will be this time around, but it’s fair to assume it’ll be similar to the requirements in Legion. I can pretty much guarantee completing Part One, gaining at least revered with all of the new factions introduced in 8.2, and discovering all the major sections of Nazjatar will be required. However, I think Blizzard will also likely add back in the requirement to finish the main storyline introduced with Nazjatar. One of the main issues with the Storyline being a requirement in Legion was the Legionfall Campaign was gated, and only so much of it opened up each week. This added an extra and seemingly needless time gate to unlocking flying. Since the storyline in Nazjatar is not going to be gated, it seems reasonable for this requirement to be present for BfA Pathfinder, Part Two.