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Warframe’s Open World Fortuna Expansion Launches for PC


News Team
Digital Extremes has sent word that the Fortuna expansion for Warframe has launched on Steam for PC. Players will have a ton of new content to explore, a new Warframe to drool over, new quests, new features and much more. The console version of Fortuna will launch in the near future.
Some of the big features in Fortuna include:
the K-Drive that provides a new “means of locomotion” that can quickly be access for fun and “extreme recreation”
Solaris United faction
underground and above-ground locations
new weapons, technology, systems and combat options
Enemy Alert System
new bounties & Danger Rating System
hunt down endangered animals to relocate them to avoid extinction
Garuda Warframe added
Mining, fishing and exploration
Learn more on the Warframe site.
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