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Nuclear Maiden: a Post-apocalyptic FPS action rpg game in Unreal Engine.


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UK game studio K-Storm-Studio today announced his visionary postapocalyptic action/adventure first person shooter (FPS). Nuclear Maiden (Dawn of Fire) is set in a futuristic abandoned world where the surprises are always behind the corner. Nuclear Maiden starts with a catchy plot and through a very promising next-gen graphics drives the player into various shocking locations and also into a new gaming experience based on real life.

As a small young and passionate startup, K-Storm-Studio wants to produce games that they love to play. They want to break the rules so no more zombie apocalypse, no more limited action play throughout a defined storyline and no more superheroes. Live an experience in the living room of your home, this is finally the future of the game industry for the crew at K-Storm-Studio. Nuclear Maiden wants to see beyond the classic games style combining a movie concept with a totally free game experience. The player has to get the ability to decide what to do and where to go without any kind of limitations. He has to live the game just like the real life and as in real life, he will never forget adrenaline and action.

Help us in rebuilding the future!

Follow our campaign in the prelaunch phase on Indiegogo.
Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nuclearmaiden/coming_soon/x/8707471
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KStormStudio