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Let’s take a tour from worst to the best ranked Resident Evil games


G101 Staff
We stumble and groan our way through the best and worst of the wildest survival horror series in games.

Which Resident Evil game is best? We’re eating away at our own brains to give our verdicts on some of PC gaming’s most beloved series, including Dark Souls and Mass Effect.

As the series that popularized the survival horror genre, Resident Evil has attempted to sustain its hold on the elusive zombie shooting crown since its inception in 1996. Suffice it to say, Resident Evil hasn’t maintained a keen, constant rule over the genre, blasting further off into bizarre, convoluted lore dumps and Matrix-worthy action sequences as the series grew in scope and ambition. Through reinvention after reinvention, Resident Evil games may not always be great, but they’ve always been fascinating, curious objects. And it’s because of that wild experimentation that Resident Evil still has a firm grip on us, redefining...
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