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It's almost time to Boogie!


G101 Staff

Halloween is back for 2018, and the Necropolis has opened its gates for a KILLER Halloween Party. Fight through your favorite Halloween bosses and spawn a portal to Boogie's Mansion. Boogie just wants to party like all Halloween monsters should! Bring your Necropolis Candy Bags to his door to gain entrance, but beware, you might get more than you bargained for.

This event begins Thursday, October 18th, at approximately 1:30 PM CST. It will run for 2 spooky weeks.

New Stuff:

This year honoring one of Cinco's favorite movie series with all new vanity sets:

[GALLERY=media, 14][/GALLERY]

These items are available at the token vendor and as rewards during the event.


The Halloween Event is an energy-based event. Spend energy points to enter the boss zone and defeat Necropolis baddies to progress through the event tiers and earn tokens to redeem for the Token Vendor's stash of Halloween treats.

You can get to Necropolis either from the main map or by talking to the Necropolis Gatekeeper.


Once in Necropolis you will find a number of NPCs you can interact with:

You will also find the portal to the Event Zone. This requires energy to enter:

Event Zone:

Once inside you are prompted to purchase a Bane Item that will vastly help in this area. Last year's Bane Item works here:

Here you will battle denizens of ultimate evil, culminating with a boss battle:

On occasion, defeating this boss will open a separate portal to Boogie's Mansion.

But, Boogie doesn't let just anyone into the party! You must bring him one 2018 Necropolis Candy Bag if you want to cut loose on his dance floor.

Collect the Candy Bars that drop from mobs all around Alor and craft them into Candy bags to get a VIP pass to Boogie's Bash. Defeat Boogie, and you'll receive Boogie's Bag, a special event chest that has a chance to drop a whole slew of Halloween Vanity garb.

Boogie's Mansion culminates on the Dance Floor, where you will do battle with the most rad ghost ever:

Defeating Boogie will make him drop his bag. Opening his bag gives you a chance to loot:

Boogie Bag Drops:

- New Level 40 Arcane Spooky Artifacts (Lizzy's, Michael's, Jason's) that buff 2 stats and display a new 'Swirling Skull' particle
- New Mythic Luck Pendant (Fortune Fob) that grants 20% re-roll chance
- New Level 3 Spooky Artifacts (no particle)
- Red Pirate Ghost helmet or armor
- Purple Pirate Ghost helmet or armor
- Gold Pirate Ghost helmet or armor
- Green Pirate Ghost helmet or armor
- Purple Pirate Ghost helmet or armor
- Ghastly Gourd (smashed pumpkin) Vanity Helm
- Violet Phantom Wings (back vanity)

When equipped, these artifacts give you a skull that orbits your character, as seen in the video:

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