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Hello Gamers101. Friend of Trueprimes


G101 Staff
Hello Gamers101. I'm a friend of Trueprimes. I wanted to post an introduction. I enjoy development in html, css and im learning php and javascript. In the process of divulging my first back-end language. Starting out by coding add-ons. I've already coded a popular add-on for Xenforo (the software which this site runs on) called [BP] MostEverOnline.

Anyways I run my own general discussion website. It still hasn't kicked off the ground but I'm in the process of getting it going and should do really well in the coming days. Main reason is I'm not going to give up on it. If Trueprime will message me back I will be active here for sure.

Waiting to hear back from him. New sites sometimes have tons of potential but just need that kickstart to take off. That's where I'm at with my own site currently. Trying to get it going so we can get started.

I hope you will all welcome me in! Thank you.

- TopSilver