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Get rid of side by side nodes for discussion areas, make a separate area for discussions


G101 Staff
Now this is only a suggestion. You have a great thing going here and I am only partaking in a suggestion.

But the way I see it or at least myself I feel a lot more comfortable with nodes that aren't side by side. I am aware it's neater for the account and services areas. It actually looks very professional for the areas that involve a marketplace genre. But if we are to mix in discussions with selling of goods and services then I think it would be so much more appealing to either have the areas that don't involve discussion side by side nodes up top and the actual discussions below without the side by side.

The area that is the market is already good minus some improvements on the theme. And to be honest @Camelion your the new owner now so anything is possible according to what you see fit. However if you are trying to improve the site what I invision is an area for discussions similar to how I have my site arranged and then the nodes side by side for the areas the don't involve discussion. I don't think this would cost any money however I don't know what you have going on the back-end either so I'd have to get your input.

If anything the separation of the 2 genres node style would make for a much easier browsing experience. Just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree, either way. Just wanted to give you my input.