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Game Mods


Super Mod
Gamers101 will be looking for Game Mods soon.

What is a Game Mod?
Game Mods are trusted members of the community who help with site moderating.

What are the benefits for being a Game Mod?
Game Mods receive all privileges of any of our paid memberships(including our premium and soon to release pro packages).
Sticky threads, Cover profile, Create groups, monitor roles etc. Game Mods also receive a special badge

How do I become a game Mod?
Copy & fill out the below form & send a direct pm to @Gamers101 and we will review your application.

1. Why do you want to become a Game Mod?

2. Do you have any experience with moderating forums or any groups? This can include any platform you have had experience with. Examples FB group, Forum groups, your own community etc.

3. What are your goals here at Gamers101?

4. If you are approved, you must make sure not abuse your privileges and keep a professional frame of mind.

Conclusion we will be attaching an agreement to this form shortly :)