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‘Fallout 76’ Hands-On Review



Fallout 76’ invites you back into the wasteland, and it’s a (nuclear) blast. (by Felicia Miranda)
I woke up to the sound of the Overseer’s voice on the vault intercom. “Good morning, Vault 76.” It was Reclamation Day. It was time to open the vault and embark on the mission of rebuilding America. Grabbing my Pip-Boy, I slowly made my way to the entrance alongside my fellow vault dwellers. We pushed open the vault door, and one by one we emerged into the eerily quiet and seemingly empty world. We then set our sights on finding the one person who could help us understand the path forward — the Overseer. All that stood in our way was a massive wasteland full of radiation, mutant monsters, and other bloodthirsty humans.
Sounds like a blast. Right?
During Bethesda’s event at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, we had a chance to preview Fallout 76. We tried a version of the game that we’re...
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