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  1. Britanica20

    Forza Street iOS, Android release now available

    My younger brother has been waiting for this to be released for a while now. I am not but into mobile gaming, never have been but from what I have seen on this one, I might have to give it a try. Looks like a lot of fun.
  2. Britanica20

    Clothing Merch Thread

    Not so much collectibles but still a lot of people have collections of clothing be them t-shirts, hoodies, or jackets from their favorite video games, comics, series, or movies. What are some of the clothing merch items you own? Have you bought anything recently?
  3. Britanica20

    Recommended Movies

    I am not a big movie buff but I occasionally find myself in the mood for them. I thought having a recommended movie thread on here for people to share some movies they recommend would be a good way to discover new things to watch. Looking at IMDb, I have watched basically all of the highest...
  4. Britanica20

    Do you prefer individual comics or novels?

    I was never a fan of individual comics. The paper felt too fragile and it was easily ruined. Plus, I couldn't just keep them out on a bookshelf. This is why I stopped buying them a long time ago and only get graphic novels. Many of them are hardcover or at least offer the option and I can keep...
  5. Britanica20


    Has anyone here watched Fargo? I watched the first two seasons. Both were great but the third season was a dud to me so I stopped watching it. The good thing about this series is you can skip season if you don't like them and not miss out on anything. I am waiting on the next season which...
  6. Britanica20

    Are you a console gamer or PC gamer (or both)?

    As of right now, I am strictly a PC gamer. I sold my Xbox One last year when I got my gaming PC set up. It is a custom build and I love it. I grew up playing on consoles then did both PC and console gaming for a while. I do plan on getting another console eventually be it a Switch (or their next...
  7. Britanica20

    Is it too late to get the Switch?

    I had been considering it but there were rumors of a Switch Pro coming out in the next year or two 2021/2022. I don't want to get the one that is out and not even have it for a year and a new console is announced. It is only 3 years old, I know but with how marketing works these days, that can...
  8. Britanica20

    What's next for Dragon Ball Super?

    I don't read the manga so for those of you that do, no spoilers, please! I am just trying to figure out what they will do next. Will they do another movie or pick back up with the story? I know the main story's focus right now is on Moro but outside of his name, his ability, and what he looks...
  9. Britanica20

    Moving Out update to fix Xbox One achievement bug

    My friend was telling me about this. I don't have an Xbox One anymore, got rid of it (sold it to a friend) when I got my gaming PC built. I am shocked something like this can even happen. At least they know the fix and are already correcting it.
  10. Britanica20

    Star Wars film to be written, directed by Taika Waititi

    I have not had high hopes for anything Star Wars related in a long time. Disney really milked this cow dry man. Maybe I am alone on this but I find that Disney just eats stuff up and ruins it. I am sick of them buying everything. I guess we will see what comes of this when it is complete.
  11. Britanica20

    Xbox 20/20 to reveal Xbox Series X details monthly

    I guess this is a good way of keeping fans informed on everything going on and likely hype the release of these titles even more. Still undecided on which console I will be getting, if any. I might wait a while until the prices drop.
  12. Britanica20

    Halo 2 heads to PC on May 12

    Nice!! While I am not a huge fan of Halo 2, this just means Halo 3 will be coming to PC sooner than I expected. I have been wanting a PC release forever now. That was one of the first games I played on the Xbox 360. Such good memories.
  13. Britanica20


    Is this a series you have been following? I recently started it earlier this year and got caught up. I watched all of season 1 and 2. The first season was AMAZING! It could have ended there and been a great mini-series. Season 2 started off slow but picked up and I enjoyed it. As for season...
  14. Britanica20

    Cyberpunk 2077 reveal set for Summer Game Fest in June

    This is one of those games that has so much attention on it that I hope it doesn't flop. Based on what we know and have seen thus far though, I can't see that being the case. I personally can't wait to get my hands on it and play it. I think it comes out in September, I don't remember the exact...
  15. Britanica20

    A new Last of Us Part 2 trailer drops today

    I have been wondering when this would happen. I'll have to go watch in in a little bit. I would imagine it has been up for a while now depending on the timezone it was releasing it.
  16. Britanica20

    What are your favorite mods to use in game?

    This can be for any game, not one in particular. Just your favorite mod, in general, that has made the game more enjoyable for you for whatever reason. When it comes to mods, I tend to only ever use graphic enhancing ones. I know there are plenty that changes the controls and skins within...
  17. Britanica20

    How do you think the coronavirus has impacted the movie industry?

    I was hearing some news about movie theaters, AMC in particular, having financial trouble and this was before the whole virus thing became an issue. They have been losing money for years and continue to raise ticket prices. I guess they are up 110% since the late '90s. Last I went was maybe in...
  18. Britanica20

    What are you currently playing?

    Lately, I been mainly playing Sims 4, Minecraft, and Rocket League. I haven't been in the mood to play any kind of story-style game and just wanted something to pick up and play. I was playing GTA V for a while but it is so frustratingly hard to find a decent lobby without modders on PC. I'll be...
  19. Britanica20

    What has caused Blizzard to go down hill?

    I haven't played WoW in years. I think the last time I played it was in 2008. I am always hearing complaints from people who like WoW among other titles under their belt saying that Blizzard is a horrible company and plenty have walked away from their games for good. What actually caused this...
  20. Britanica20

    Will the next gen consoles come out this year?

    I heard rumors of Sony looking to launch this holiday season with limited stock. Because of the coronavirus craziness, this decision has supposedly been made and they will allow people to preorder it to guarantee they can get one for their first round of releases. I haven't heard anything from...