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    Welcome, PredaDalia

    Welcome to Gamers101 @PredaDalia
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    If you have nintendo switch then super smash bros ultimate is the best game out for fighting

    If you have nintendo switch then super smash bros ultimate is the best game out for fighting
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    tekken 7 is my favorite out of those

    tekken 7 is my favorite out of those
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    Mortal Kombat 11 is coming in april. Until then dragonball fighter z, marvel vs capcom infinite...

    Mortal Kombat 11 is coming in april. Until then dragonball fighter z, marvel vs capcom infinite, mortal kombat X, tekken 7
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    Wonder world

    @Noor Bakht Apex Legends is now the talk of the town these days on PC and other platforms. The game is also free. You should definitely check it out if your into battle royale games. They say this one is supposed to be even better than Fortnite. For android I'm not a huge phone gamer but...
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    What do you code in or develop in mostly?

    What coding language or development are you into. I myself am a huge web developer knowing html and css very well. I still haven't made the proper knowledge cap I want to get to when it comes to javascript and jquery however I am just now starting to learn php by trying to code add-ons for...
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    sup big boss! I like your site a lot :D

    sup big boss! I like your site a lot :D
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    Anyone ever watch the show teen wolf?

    Yeah I watched the first few seasons a while back. The show is on Hulu so when I get Hulu again I will watch the new seasons. I enjoyed it a lot. As far as game of thrones it's quite suprising I haven't delved into watching that yet just haven't had the opportunity as I'm not a huge fan of...
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    What is your favorite Game Mod?

    I haven't modded in years but I remember a client for halo 2 called dothalo that used to be one of the most famous back in the "olden days". No one probably even knows what it is but brings back many memories. Unleash X and Evox would popular soft modding homebrews for the original xbox. Good...
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    Anyone ever watch the show teen wolf?

    Curious if anyone ever watched the show teen wolf. I really enjoyed the series when I watched it. I haven't seen any of the newer episodes. Does anyone still watch this? If so let me know what you thought of it below. :D
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    Discussion Community with a wide range of topics rocking custom styles -

    Hello, let me know what you think of my community. We are new but have almost 1,400 posts at the time of posting this thread. I hope you will check us out. We have topic sections for everything from paranormal and aliens to web technology, programming and music and tv. There are areas for...
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    Xenforo 2.1 looks awesome.

    I'm excited as well. 2.1 does look very nice. Now that it's officially released I also plan to upgrade my site once our last add-on is finished being made compatible.
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    Special Greetings to G101 new owner

    Can't wait to see what @Camelion does with the site. I see your traffic isn't that bad. If you had a VPS it would speed up the site load time. But I like the site though I think a good balance between discussion and accounts/services will get this place up and going in no time. Maybe more...
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    Apex Legends, a new free battle royale game you might want to check out

    Not a huge PC gamer here but this is also on console and just released around a week ago or less. It's brand new and what a lot of people are talking about it. A friend of mine on my site was just telling me how good this game is and it's also free so that's a huge plus for a lot of people. It's...
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    Cheap but professional VPS move and possibly affiliating with my site mind piff

    Sounds good @Camelion I'm a very professional person but when I get to know you I don't mind joking around either. I'll come back and post more soon. I see you've also added me as staff. That's very nice of you. We will discuss more on discord soon and on mind piff. Talk to you again soon.
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    Welcome, Bairtg09

    Welcome to Gamers101!
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    What console do you prefer to game?

    Yea @Camelion the Playstation 4 is actually quite popular these days. Some would say even more than Xbox. I just choose Xbox because it's what I've always used and what my friends play on. I may invest in a playstation at some point. Really wish Xbox would get with the virtual reality scene...
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    If you own an Xbox, what version do you own?

    Yea @Camelion I owned the 1 TB Xbox One S for years but just recently invested in the X. Still haven't got a 4k TV but the resolution does scale down. Isn't quite as good as on a 4k TV but you can watch videos of side by side comparison and there is mostly a difference to the lighting effects...
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    Do you think the Xbox One X is worth the price tag with native 4k?

    Yeah I'm probably going to buy a 4k tv soon just haven't invested the money into it yet. You can actually get them for fairly cheap these days. Sometimes even $300-500 depending on where you look. Just haven't bought one yet.
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    There's supposed to be a new Nintendo Switch releasing sometime soon

    Yeah I've heard the same. However sales are up more than they have been in a while I think for the switch. A lot of people are buying smash bros ultimate, pokemon lets go pikachu and evee and also sales pitches have remained good for zelda and mario kart which people are always buying. The new...