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Game News

World of Warcraft:Patch 8.2

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Recently wow players were talking about all the things in World of Warcraft which have been frustrating in BfA and the comment “it should get better in 8.2” was made. It seems like many are looking forward to the next major patch to improve the...

Neverwinter Detail Undermountain Changes Coming

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As Cryptic Studios has been showing over the past couple of weeks, big changes are in store for Neverwinter players when the Undermountain content expansion launches later this spring. In a pair of new blog posts on the Neverwinter site, devs lay...

No Man's Sky to Set on a New VR Adventure

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When the next big update comes to No Man's Sky, it will be bringing virtual reality with it. It will be compatible with every available headset and will be available on both Steam for PC and PlayStation 4 for PSVR. The Beyond update is currently...

Bane & Boon of Cooperative Gameplay

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The Outward team has posted a new video developer diary to speak to both the bane and the boon of playing the game cooperatively with another player. Players can choose how to interact with the game with one, for example, carrying the burdens the...