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This forum has additional specific rules:

Market Rules

You must be 18+ or have permission from a legal guardian to use these market features.

1. No scamming, fraud, misleading, cheating other members.

2. Sellers - You must be the current owner or have the permissions for any product or services you are posting for sale.

3. No duplicate posts. You can only have one post per specific product or service you are posting. If you are selling an item or service that is a quantity, make sure to address that in your listing and you may continue to keep your thread open.

4. Bump Thread. Keep thread bumps in moderation. Example - you may bump your thread once per hour.

5. Respect other members posts. This means no spamming or advertising on another members thread.

6. Make sure to post the appropriate content in the selected area. If you are posting for a product or service (you can only post for that specific product or service that the forum is assigned).

7. Report inappropriate content, or supsicious posts. (This helps keep the platform secure).

8. Feedbacks are only for legitimate transactions(you have bought or sold a product or service in a specific thread from that member). In order to submit a feedback you must provide the deal thread that the feedback is in regards to.

Gamers101 takes safety seriously, and any failure to comply to these rules, can result in a warning, suspension, or ban to your Gamers101 account. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable marketplace for all our members, help us keep it that way.

GamersGuard Services

GamersGuard services are optional (but it provides security for your transaction).To activate GamersGuard Services, when creating your sale thread, scroll down to the bottom area, and click the create a sale arrow(this will be just above the post thread and preview buttons). This will open up the sale options. Fill out the form and when you are finished, post your thread. GamersGuard will be notified if your product or service has been sold or purchased. GamersGuard will contact the seller and ask the seller to provide who the buyer is. GamersGuard will then make a private 3 way conversation between both the buyer and seller and assist further with transaction. Once the transaction has been completed, buyer and seller must confirm it with GamersGuard. After confirmation, GamersGuard will close the 3 way conversation and open up a new private conversation with the seller and walk them through the payment process.

Note: GamersGuard Services is a 10% fee and 3% fee depending on payment method. This is a paid service and we provide security. Any members who use GamersGuard Services will have that specific thread sticky for 30 days. Both buyer and seller will receive the Verifed Badge and a feedback from GamersGuard.